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No two are the same

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Hello and Welcome

Every autograph is unique. No two athletes are identical, so why should they be treated in the exact same way? At Autograph, we tailor our approach to suit each individual, always working with the client’s specific interests at heart and incessantly delivering an honest, versatile approach to our work.

We are driven by a wealth of first-hand experience of the football industry. We’ve seen it all, on and off the pitch, so we can offer the right guidance each individual needs.

We let our clients thrive as themselves, not as just another player.

What We Can Do For You

Representing Players and Clubs

We operate on behalf of both players and clubs, acting in the best interests of all parties in an open, honest manner.

Brokering Deals

Having occupied a variety of roles around the negotiating table down the years, we know how to get deals done.


We have a global presence with influence in worldwide markets, allowing us to expertly navigate areas that few others can even reach.

Our Partners

We are recognised by the Football Association, English football’s governing body.


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